Jetting January

Have you noticed how the British tradition of talking about the weather is being infiltrated by talk about how quickly time flies? Yes, it is 2nd February, and January had thirty-one days, same as every January since the Gregorian calendar got under way. Please stop, as I am already starkly aware of this fact, especially after signing off my Son's choices for his GCSE options last week. I am sure he only started school a few weeks back!

Something else that invariably stays the same is that January is a quiet month for business, unless of course you are a Fitness centre. If you've ever had any business training you'll know that this is the month for getting your affairs in order and preparing to springboard into the new year of opportunities! Well, I filed my tax return in the first week of January instead of the last, so I call that progress.

I did have some actual work including a photography consultation/ tuition, where my client has learned new ways of photographing her lamps for a new website, as well as learning what some of the functions on her camera are actually for!

In order to keep the cultural juices flowing I managed to visit the cinema twice this month, and to see two shows in one day!


The theory of everything: 
I had mooted the idea to my son that he should watch The theory of everything. He showed very little interest. Once I saw the reviews and heard people talking about the film, I told him he was coming, like it or not. 

Despite seeming suitably gripped throughout, afterwards he managed to say ‘I could have lived without seeing it’. I went into some rant about ‘well, obviously watching that film doesn’t form part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but if you cannot recognise the greatness of this man then you have something wrong with you.’ What a spirit!


I finally got to watch a movie at 

The staff were attentive and the seats not as uncomfortable as some rumours I heard. I will definitely go back!

The film itself was really not what I imagined: I left feeling like I had enjoyed it, but not too sure that I had understood it. There was a big nod to the acting fraternity and some great performances. I would consider a second viewing.



Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize: The National Portrait Gallery

I made it later than usual to the TW Portrait show, and after hearing conflicting views on the approach to judging this annual show, I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a shift in content. There were a lot more smaller pieces, and less famous people.  A really good mix.

Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude

Schiele’s work was on display at The Courtauld gallery.

He rose to prominence in Vienna, not long before the onset of World War One. His work was without a doubt, radical for it’s time, with quite explicit representations of the body, both male & female. He died aged just twenty-eight alongside many others, including his wife, of Spanish Flu.

I got back to my roots with a cultural variety of events this month, with a Somali wedding and a Bat Mitzvah. Here are a couple of favourites from various parties I photographed this month:

It's mayhem in here!

It's mayhem in here!



Headless wonder!

Headless wonder!