Get Focused for February

So, it's 8th March. February always leaves me feeling short -changed!

After living a relatively solitary life for the past couple of years, I managed to catch up with a few friends this February and chased my tail around town for various events (not so unusual).

Who’s been enjoying all the great movies this February? I have missed out on plenty, but managed to watch Split, starring James McAvoy last weekend. Slipping into myriad characters as a sufferer of Dissociative Identity Disorder, McAvoy did a great job. Suspense, darkness, terror…

A friend of mine has started a film-club which sounds awesome – they recently watched an amazing sounding Chinese Film ‘In the Mood for Love’ whilst sipping on Shanghai Cocktails! As much as I would like to go, I am being fiercely determined to stick to my master – plan (mildly ethereal) so have to turn down some great offers.

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. (Probably Neal. A Maxwell)

I took a trip with my colleagues from Vintiners Framers down to Maddox Arts in Mayfair. ‘Cabbages and Kings’ is curated by one of our great customers, Cuillin Bantock. There are works from ten contemporary painters, but with no prompting, we all chose Mr. Bantock’s Matisse-inspired Gouaches as our favourites.

Photo Credit: Laura Coates

Photo Credit: Laura Coates

Running until the end of March. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the West End.

I attended the talk and Book Launch for Mimi Mollica’s Terra Nostra, exploring the effects of the Mafia in Sicily.

As the large ‘Belgravian Door’ of the Italian Cultural Institute opened I clocked a friend of mine from the Boxing Club. That was unexpected! She attends weekly Italian lessons there, so had come as part of her cultural journey.

I somehow managed to get a seat in the packed room, avoiding watching the talk on a screen in the overflow room/library. I had clocked a variety of seats with VIP reservations, so hovered by the doorway. Time was ticking and some of these people weren’t there. Right enough, the seats became available to anyone in close-range, so I had a great position to watch the panel discussion between Mimi, Sean O’Hagan, Dewi Lewis and Marco Delagu, the Director of the Institute.

Following the talk I was first in line to get my book signed before Jo led us through the ‘servants quarters’, upstairs where a generous drinks reception, replete with recently delivered boxes of Pizza and a taste of Melanzane Parmigiana were ready for consumption. Time well spent.

This month I stood down from the committee of Islington Art Society. I have been a member for several years, and it’s been a great experience. I feel I am still mid-career, and wanting to push my work in a certain direction, so time to let this one go. If you’re an artist with time on your hands, I would seriously consider getting involved with a group like this. Based on a mutual love of the arts and a sense of community, these institutions are a glimmer of light in a dark world!

Kicking off next week is the group annual show of the Crouch End collective of London Independent Photography. The private view is on Wednesday 15th March, 7 – 9pm if you want to come.

I shall also be in attendance on Sunday 19th March from 1 – 4pm and on Thursday 23rd March from 4 – 7pm. Hope to see you there!

The group chose one of my images for the poster: Tokyo from above!

The group chose one of my images for the poster: Tokyo from above!

My work has been varied this month, from helping students at St. Martin’s photograph sets for their interior-styling course, and helping an artist-friend build a website. I have been busy photographing for a couple of projects, but not ready to reveal, so in the meantime, here are a couple of shots of some special people in my life!

We need to talk!

We need to talk!

Spot the Ball!

Spot the Ball!

For the past few years, I have been working at streamlining my life, with February as no exception. You only get one shot at this, so make some sacrifices and stick to your quest. I am not saying make rigid plans, as adapting to challenges and reassessing your journey is paramount to continued growth, but if you want something, do something. Get started, and enjoy the ride!

So ends the lesson for today!

See you soon

Amanda xx