Little coincidences

Feel like a little ramble on tuning in...

Until today I am unaware that I have given the island of St. Helena any real thought, but whilst checking out fellow photographer, Stu Pilkington's website I saw a picture that had beautiful light - a light that reminded me of a picture I really liked in the Taylor Wessing Exhibition this year by Jon Tonks.  It's an image of Marcus Henry at the meteorological station in St. Helena

The initial image was by Carrie Will and as well as great light it made me chuckle. See it here

One brain cell led to another and I found myself looking into where exactly St. Helena lies and I discover that it is one of the oldest remaining of the British Overseas Territories, and lies in the South Atlantic. The RMS St Helena is the only way anything, living or inanimate gets to St Helena. 

Are you still with me? Roll on a few hours and I am looking into various societies to find participants for my Downtime project. I searched for Stamp collectors and found 'The Royal Philatelic Society London'. On the homepage is a link to 'St. Helena Archives announcement'. This is what I found...

"The Julian Chapman Memorial Scholarship, administered by The Royal Philatelic Society London, has helped save the postal archives of the South Atlantic island of St. Helena." The Scholarship is available to philatelists, wherever resident, wishing to study Commonwealth stamps or postal history.

So it's funny how all these people have added up to my new 'knowledge' of St. Helena. I have enjoyed seeing some great images and unless by serendipity any of these people happen to read this blog post, they will never know! 

Ramble over.