Photographer AND Boxing Yoga Coach!!

A little short of three years ago I ran into a guy called Matt Garcia He was talking about something called 'Boxing Yoga'. Having practised yoga fairly consistently for many years I asked 'what the hell is that?'

From there I embarked on a 20-day/do as much as you can introduction to Boxing Yoga.

Held at the formidable boutique Boxing club that is Total Boxer I was trained by chief yogi Kajza Ekberg and my first impression was 'this lady is mad if she thinks I can do that'. Full of encouragement I went back for more, and it is fair to say that I soon fell in love with it.

A yoga regime deigned for Boxers, athletes and anyone who wants a
serious workout, this is where it's at.

Roll forward a year and I was ready to try boxing as a sport - how quickly you get hooked: Boom Boom!

Throughout that time I have been gently pushed to places I never considered, and guided by a bunch of amazing and inspirational people.

Thanks goes to Katarina Hromnikova and Denise Grundmann for showing how it's done and special thanks goes to the superstar that is Deniz Ates who has given his time generously towards this auspicious day...

Today I passed my Boxing Yoga Teacher training assessment, so can now officially kick butt wherever I see fit!

Thanks to my lovely friends who attended today's session in the intense heat Daisy Caird Tom Aldrich-Smith Laura Ann Coates Ben Casablanca Els Caballero-Kolster Jackie Mcmanus Tasha Burroughs

The future is bright...the future is Boxing Yoga!