What's not to love?

Melonie Stennett, Teacher  Part of Downtime which goes on show six weeks today!

Melonie Stennett, Teacher

Part of Downtime which goes on show six weeks today!

...Quite a lot probably, but let's not dwell on it.

To be honest, I can't stop being grateful for the number of sunny days we've had this summer, and they keep on coming! I am hopeful that I've packed in enough vitamin D to keep me buoyant throughout the winter.

And, with sunshine comes energy and I've needed a lot this past month as September was a roller-coaster...

I took on a couple of physical challenges: ten days straight of BoxingYoga™ to improve for everyone's benefit, and the Summer Sweat Challenge at Total Boxer which required a class-a-day for ten days: that would have been fine if I hadn't done a Strength & Conditioning class on day three - my arms were screaming for days!

Work has picked up a pace, so I am mostly running on adrenalin. I like being busy, and I like diversity in what I do, but I have to say my brain has felt a little challenged this month as I flit between photographer, tutor, mother, framing assistant and yogi . I could do with swappable heads like Wurzel Gummidge used to have! 

I photographed a teeny-tiny wedding for some friends. They've been together 27 years, and didn't want a big 'do'. I felt privileged, as apart from four witnesses and the registrars, I was the only one there! 

They did it!

They did it!

The exhibition and competition flurry continues, which always brings fun and anxiety. I have made some great connections recently by banding my images around, so never miss an opportunity to expose yourself is my advice!!

I've picked up a new client in the education sector and I'm booked to give a talk this weekend to a large audience of mosaicists - giving them an overview of practical photography and how best to shoot their work.

It's now just six weeks until my solo exhibition opens in Docklands. That's okay; I only have to make the invites, print & frame the pictures, promote the show, work out how to hang it, and organise the Private View! Somehow, I don't think October will be any quieter. In fact, I am off to Norfolk tomorrow to shoot one of the last images for Downtime.

Offers of help welcome! In fact, I am looking for an 'intern' at the moment - aged 25 upwards, just the odd day, work-experience/expenses covered and payment when I have help on real jobs. Must be interested in photography (video a bonus), and social media. Someone keen on strategy and data would be great. Do spread the word and let me know if you know anyone.